For Honor Warden Tips

In the beta, as soon as we started up, The Warden was given to us. A balanced hero that can take some beating and give one as well.

To begin with, The Warden is quite mobile. Not as mobile as the Peacekeeper but more mobile than the Raider. You should keep that in mind when you’re low HP and gotta face 2 enemies.

Tip no.1: Always be aware of the stance of the enemy.

If the stance is set to left or right, keep strafing in that direction and circle the enemy. This way it’ll be easier for you to dodge an incoming attack than if you’re frenetically moving and you suddenly have to dodge in a set direction. As weird as it sounds, in order to dodge an attack you have to strafe in the direction of the incoming attack rather than opposite.

Tip no.2: Learn enemy attack pattern.

Learning the attack pattern of the enemy can help you find openings. For example, the three vertical strikes the Raider gives when he’s in upper stance leaves him open for a shoulder bash if you manage to dodge the last hit. So whenever a Raider begins to spam axes from the sky, dodge the last one and bash his face in.

Tip no.3: Spamming the guard break is quite a bad idea.

A thing I used to do was spam the guard break… and get killed in the process. For some reason I though that hitting the enemy with guard break would always stun them but it seems it does not. If the enemy is in the middle of an attack then the guard break will be useless. You’re better off trying to parry.

Tip no.4: Don’t use heavy attacks against fast classes.

Trying to use heavy attack against Peacekeepers will be futile. Instead follow the above tips and try to make an opening for yourself. Using an heavy attack after a shoulder bash has higher chance of hitting than randomly using it.

Tip no.5: Learn to parry Samurai.

Samurai classes are annoyingly fast and can change their stances mid-combo. I find them quite hard to beat but especially to parry. However, parrying them can save a nice chunk of your HP. Learn to parry them so you can break their combo.


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