For Honor

Well, Ubisoft’s latest title launched today. Let’s talk a bit about the beta.

I find For Honor a gorgeous game, it totally got me from the first second. The havok physics system makes the characters feel real and the optimization is damn well done.



The game currently has 3 modes.

Dominion, which is basically Capture the Point.

Duel/Brawl which are 1v1 or 2v2.

Deathmatch which is basically 4v4 duel.

The level of character customization is insane, allowing you to switch between genders on some characters. Have your own emblem which can be painted on your armor, unlock new weapon parts, tattoos, armor parts and much more.

As for the combat system, it’s truly stunning. A good starting place would be clicking on the HOW TO PLAY button and do the practice and advanced practice, then duel with the bot a bit. You’ll learn many valuable things in there like parrying, dodging, how do deal with 2v1 and so on.

I’ll come back later with some combat tips and tricks for The Warden.


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