Overwatch Capture the Flag Tips

The Year of the Rooster event finally ended. While I didn’t got that D.va skin I really wanted I managed to get every other damn skin. (Thanks Blzrd)

This guide is pretty much useless but I really need something to vent my rage so here I am.

Playing capture the flag is not so hard. You have to grab the flag, get back and that’s about it. In Overwatch things are a bit different since you can change characters. I’ll go trough each character to see why and when to pick them … or not pick them. But first … best tip out there:


Got that? Good… Now, let’s see …

Genji is a pretty good pick. Quite squishy but he’s agile, fast moving and his deflect can help in capturing the flag. He should be especially picked if there’s a bastion in enemy team that gives you trouble. I guess he’s good on any map.

Don’t even bother picking McCree. He’s slow, squisy and just not a good pick for this gamemode. Won’t do good, no matter what map you’re playing.

Reaper is a pretty decent pick if the enemy team has Reinhardt, his wraith form can help him deliver the flag back home but I wouldn’t really pick him if the entire team is already playing attack. Play defense please. Best on Control Center.

An ok pick even though I hate him. This low skill pick is pretty good at delivering the flag since he can CoD sprint but he’s also good at taking out enemies that took your flag. He can work on any map.

Sombra is either brilliant or a total annoyance. A good strategy with her is to drop a beacon at your own flag, make a run for the enemy flag then teleport right back. She’s an amazing pick for Control Center.

You might think Tracer with her speed and recall is an amazing pick for Capture the Flag. Well, sorry to break it for you but it’s awful. She’s squisy, has no use at all. Maybe good on maps if you play against noobs.

Remember this motherfucker? Well, he can either be an amazing pick or a really bad one. Staying in turret mode he can break an capturing Reinhardt shield quite easy but he can also keep the enemy at bay while your team captures the flag. He’s good on both attack and defense on any map, mostly depends on the luck.

As retarded as it sounds Hanzo is a decent pick. I like having him on my team as long as he totally knows what he’s doing, his accuracy is 8/10 and he can ryuu ga waka go fuck the enemy team. A decent pick on any map, but the player picking him is more important than the map.

Well… Junkrat is a good pick if you lack good defense. He can send enemies flying from your flag and his RIP Tire is great for initiating an attack on the enemy flag. I think it’s a good pick on any map.

A really nice pick, Mei is damn good at attacking and defending. She can freeze trough D.va’s matrix, she can ice wall enemies away while she captures. She’s a brilliant pick on Control Center but can do a good job on other maps too.

A good defense hero that should aid Symmetra. He can just leave his turret home as he goes on ahead to blow some heads. (Not advised tho) He works great on any map and when shit hits the fan, molten core is a good answer. I love having him on any map.

No! Unless she learns to Ryuu Ga Waka bla bla bla.

P.S. If there’s already an Hanzo on our team,  there’s no need for a second sniper.

My love right here is a beast when it comes to capture the flag. She’s mobile, quite resistent, can eat bullets and ultimates and has two lives. She’s amazing since she can just sit on the flag and laugh at all the CoD players as all their rockets and bullets get eaten by her defense matrix. Then she can either nerf them to dust if she decides she’s in danger or just fly away with her boosters. She’ll keep the flag even if she’s thrown out of mecha so good luck hitting her. A beast on any map.

Again, a beast … especially when paired with Roadhog. His shield can keep him safe while he captures the flag and he can use his charge to gain a distance advantage. His high HP is also helping a lot. Well .. fun and games till he runs into Symmetra turrets. A really good pick on any map but it depends on the team he has.

Again, someone that can be either really great or just annoying. When paired with a Reinhardt this guy can do a lot. He can hook people off your flag, he can GET OVER HERE people that try to run with your flag. He can whole hog people off the map. What do you want more? Good pick on any map as long as he has a Reinhardt with him for max efficiency.

Winston: Is mobile? Check. Has shield? Check. Can push enemies off map/point? Check. He’s a truly good character when picked on large maps like Garden or Market where he can use his monkey jump.

Honestly, I haven’t really seen anyone playing Zarya in capture the flag. I think Junkrat is a better choice than her anyway. Her high HP would be the only advantage. Please try her and tell me how she performed.

Hmm … Ana goes great with the Rein and Hog duo. Her sleep dart can help with catching enemies that have your flag. She can take out Torb’s turret quite easy. She can blow poorly placed Symmetra turrets in one grenade. She’s a nice pick on any map but I think she works best with that duo.

Slow healing for everyone on the team, pushing enemies off point, breaking it down and SPEEEEEEEEDDD BOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSST … yeah. I think Lucio is a pretty nice support pick for this mode. I think he’s a better pick on large maps like Garden and Market but I’ve seen a few performing amazingly well on Control Center.

Mercy is really squisy and has no mobility. Her revive is the only thing that would make anyone consider her but I think Ana or Lucio are better picks here.

Totally must have in defense. Symmetra is such a great pick here because she has turrets that go trough matrix and totally renders squishy picks to dust. She can easily 1v1 most DPS heroes and she has a teleporter. Place a teleporter close to the flag so the constant stream of violence can keep flowing. Pick her on any map PICK HER!

Never really liked him. He’s good when it comes to killing tanks and blocking team-killing ultimates.  But not sure he’s a good pick when it comes to CTF. I’m not entirely sure if his ultimate helps him capture the flag but it surely helps him deliver it home just like Reaper’s wraith form. I guess you can give him a try but Lucio and Ana seem much better picks.


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