For Honor Guard Break and Bots Update

Ubisoft announced that some updates are rolling out soon for their latest game For Honor just a few days after the gamețs official launch.

First fix involves bots replacing disconnecting players in Duel/Brawl/Elimination. It’s a bit unfair how full HP bots replace near-death regequitters making you lose the current round. The new update will have bots spawn dead so you instantly win the current round when someone disconnects.

The second update will be about Guard Break. In the beta, you could Guard Break Counter as soon as you saw it coming but after the launch that got changed. In order to Guard Break now, you have to wait for the grab animation to show. Ubisoft said they plan to return to the beta Guard Break Counter.

A few more balances and bug fixes are coming for different classes like: Conqueror, Berserker, Peacekeeper and Valkyrie. They’re all getting a few touch-ups, for example the bug where any light attack you block from Conqueror or Berserker allows them to combo that into a free guard break. That will be fixed along with many other things.


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