Overwatch Roadhog getting another nerf

Remember that motherfucker that got “fixed” recently in Overwatch? Well, there are still many problems with him.

Some people claim that he’s supposed to pick DPS heroes, other claim that he’s supposed to pick flankers and reckless heroes but it doesn’t matter since he completely massacrates everyone. (Maybe but Genji and Zarya) I’ve honestly seen more squishies survive his shots than tanks.

The hook is far from fixed since I still get 90degree-turn-dropped into hell and I still see him hook players from behind walls using Widowmaker’s infrasight.

But enough ranting (Even though I should make an whole post on why he’s so broken), let’s see what changes Blzrd will bring to him.

The cooldown of the hook will be increased to 8 seconds, meaning people will die each 8 seconds instead of 6. The second change is that the drop distance after being pulled will be increased to 3.5 meters which I honestly find useless since the spread of his shots will be decreased by 20% increasing his accuracy.

I honestly think this nerf will have as much impact as the hook fix had. Blzrd should get their stuff right and give him a legit nerf.


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