My thoughts on Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta

Well, me and my friend Lukared1234 took our time to beat this Beta since we really wanted to discover what there is. I’ll say that this game is really great already and I really like it but there are still a few slight problems.

Ghost Recon Wildlands - Open Beta2017-2-23-16-17-58.jpg

First of all, they gave me 4 snipers but only one shitty “sniper” scope to play with… just. .. why? Well… that’s not an actual problem it’s just a personal one.

Starting off, one of the bugs I encountered include getting stuck between stuff when doing parkour and being unable to get out without having to fast travel. Imagine if you were in the middle of the mission, the enemy was chasing you and you wanted to parkour to get rid of them. You jump over a fence, land between the fence and a few other objects and you get stuck. Your only choice is either to fast travel 3 km away or if you’re lucky enough to play with a friend, fast travel to them.

Another weird but pretty fun bug made Lukared1234 get stuck somewhere on my screen, yet he could still pilot choppers, drive cars and all that, even shoot from them. It was really fun to have a literal ghost teammate.


The difficulty setting is also quite weird. Many of the design choices in ghost recon leave me wondering if I like them or if I dislike them and this is one of them.

I had a hard time playing at first since I was dying really quick compared to Lukared1234. It was weird since I was way stealthier while he preferred the more guns blazing way. I hoped his heavy armor made a difference, or maybe he had more skill points put into bullet resistance. Well, it seems that the problem was that I was playing on Advanced difficulty while he was playing on Regular. Yup, difficulty is set per player. I thought that everyone will be set on the Host’s difficulty, but I was wrong.

But leaving the bad things aside, I had so much fun. Forcing people to get in the trunk then driving them aroud… then using them as sacrifice as we launch the car with a c4 attached to it into the enemy forces. Hiding myself in the trunk then randomly popping out to shoot at the Unidad patrols chasing us. Playing catch with grenades. Yet, even the singleplayer is pretty fun. Your teammates have some of the most crazy and funny stories to tell. The stealth is also really nicely done and I sometimes feel like I’m playing Splinter Cell.

I like this game a lot and I hope Ubisoft fixes those slight problems before release and the game gets even better. I can’t wait to get my hands on it and you should too!


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