Overwatch Ana nerf removed.

Looks like all those R.I.P. Ana posts really got to Blzrd ears as they are now going to remove the nerfs for Ana. The changes are like this:



Hacked health packs can now be seen through walls for her allies. This is extremely useful for new players to learn where the packs are.


Orb of Destruction

Weapon spread removed.


Biotic Grenade

Impact damage and healing reverted to live values


Orb of Discord

Targeting through barriers has been reverted

Check out the latest PTR notes, which are set to go up at some point today.


3 thoughts on “Overwatch Ana nerf removed.

    1. Haha. Thank you very much. I do get on facebook from time to time, I just joined that group. I guess that’s will help me get some followers faster.

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