The Console VS PC war should stop!

This is one of the subjects I really wanted to talk about for a very, very long time.
We all know about the Console vs PC war that’s everywhere, from facebook to 9gag and all kind of social websites.

First of all, I’m a PC gamer but I also played on consoles and I use a gamepad to play some of my PC games. My first console was a Terminator (Some Nintendo NES copy or something) and I was greatly enjoying games like Mario, Tanks, Double Dragon II (My favorite). Later on I’ve got my hands on an Xbox and spent some time playing Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance and Tekken. Later on I made a friend that had a PS2 and I had a blast playing Ratchet and Clank: Deadlocked and my love Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. I never had a PS3 or PS4 but I won a few tournaments at different game conferences/gatherings like Dreamhack and Comic Con. I even recently won a For Honor tournament at local game store! (Casually bragging)

So I know what consoles are about, and I spent the past 10 years being a PC gamer.

First point

In terms of powerhouse consoles will never be better than PC. Console games are MADE ON PC.

In what way are consoles better?

Well, if you ask me. It’s the same as the Android vs iOS struggle.
It’s about simplicity. The consoles just like iOS gives you a simple mean to achieve your goal. Grab a console, plug it in, insert the game and you’re ready to play.

What about PC then?

Well, PC can also be this simple but they also require all kind of drivers. However they they give you much greater room to customize your experience. You can do all kind of crazy stuff like modding and change stuff to your heart’s content. Even get stuff that you’re not directly supposed to be able to get.

But mods also got added on consoles!

Indeed, I’m glad they did. But modding’s been around PC for years now. Also, all the console mods come from PC modders.

If computers are so great why do consoles get so many exclusives?

That’s simple. The same answer applies to “why do game companies sell us incomplete/buggy games overhyped by amazing trailers?”
It’s about the money. PC Gamers are guilty of piracy, which make hard working game companies lose a lot of income.
“Why would we spend so much time and funds into this if they won’t even bother to buy it?”
On consoles, piracy is harder and usually (Just like phones) you’d have to sacrifice something in order to achieve it. Be it the warranty or the ability to access the internet. That’s why many game companies focus on making a console game then just make a lazy port for PC, fact that’s driving me crazy.

My main point here?

We’re all gamers that share the same passion and we should be united. Consoles and PC shouldn’t be in a war since they’ve been designed with different purposes in mind. There are still many people that don’t see games as a form of art or entertainment. Our main focus as gamers and especially writers should be to make those people see the true beauty of games and gaming!

This is cheap of me to ask but if you agree, bring the word forth and share this wherever you feel like. If you think I’m wrong at some point, please comment so we can discuss this over. Maybe I’ll be able to learn something from you.


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